Tip Jar

Should I Tip My Fantasy Football League Commissioner?

It seems like everyone has a tip jar out these days. Ice cream stands, coffee shops, wineries, even fast food chains commonly have a jar now. So it’s not surprising that fantasy players might wonder if they should tip their hard working league commissioner, especially after winning a league prize. The short answer to this is “No”. Let’s talk about why not and what you can do instead to show

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Referee asking difference between faab and waiver wire priority

What’s the Difference Between FAAB and Waiver Wire Priority?

Another of the many fun decisions a commissioner makes when setting up a fantasy football league is how to handle waiver wire claims. The two common methods to choose from are free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and waiver wire priority. Both are effective ways to give coaches an opportunity to submit a claim before another coach grabs that player. So let’s cover the difference between FAAB and waiver wire priority

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Fantasy football payout amounts.

How To Set Fantasy Football League Payout Amounts

As a fantasy commissioner, part of your job is to set the league’s prize payout structure. The payout structure defines what the award categories are and the payout amounts for each category. In the last post, we covered how to select the right payout categories for your fantasy football league. Now that you’ve determined your award categories, we’ll discuss how to set the payout amounts for each category. Below are

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Fantasy Football Payout Structure Options and Ideas

One of the important things a fantasy commissioner gets to do when setting up a fantasy football league is building the prize payout structure. The payout structure has two parts: The categories that will be awarded and the payout amount for each category. In this post, we’ll review the payout category options and how to select the right ones for your league. How to assign payout amounts to each category

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Commissioner Mistake

Top 9 Fantasy Football Commissioner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A good fantasy football league starts with a good league commissioner. The commissioner’s actions help determine whether the season goes smoothly and if owners will want to rejoin next year. Those decisions can also affect how much time is required to manage the league. Any serious commissioner mistakes can hurt your league’s chances of success. Below is a list of the top mistakes commissioners make. Whether you’re a first time

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Make every yard count

The Advantages Of Fractional Points In Fantasy Football

One of the decisions your league’s commissioner has to make when setting up the league’s scoring system is whether to use fractional points or not. This is also called fractional scoring and it’s something that your league should consider using. What Are Fractional Points? Using fractional points awards your players partial fantasy points for every yard.  Even yardage less than the scoring threshold counts.  Most leagues award 1 fantasy point

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Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

The draft party is your fantasy football league’s most important event of the year. It’s when all the league managers meet to select their team’s players before the fantasy season starts.  This might be the only time the whole league gets together in person during the season so it’s a good excuse for a party with lots of food, drink, trash talk and fun. The draft party is usually organized

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Auction Draft or Snake Draft – Which Is Better?

Auction vs. Snake Draft Fantasy draft day is the most important day of the fantasy football season. One of the biggest decisions your league commissioner will make is which draft format to use…auction or snake? Most of the major fantasy sites (Yahoo, ESPN, etc) now support online auction drafts. That makes it easier than ever for fantasy leagues to try auction drafts. Below we’ll cover the advantages of each draft

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How To Be A Fantasy Football League Commissioner

A Guide for the New Fantasy Commish Congratulations! You’ve either decided to start your own fantasy football league or your buddies nominated you to run a league when you weren’t around. Only problem is that you have no idea what a fantasy football commissioner does or how to run a league. Don’t worry, this guide will explain how to successfully run a fantasy football league. You’ll find plenty of tips

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