Tip Jar

Should I Tip My Fantasy Football League Commissioner?

It seems like everyone has a tip jar out these days. Ice cream stands, coffee shops, wineries, even fast food chains commonly have a jar now. So it’s not surprising that fantasy players might wonder if they should tip their hard working league commissioner, especially after winning a league prize. The short answer to this is “No”. Let’s talk about why not and what you can do instead to show

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Fantasy Football Glossary

Like every sport, Fantasy Football has its own terms and slang. Here is a glossary of terms and definitions commonly used in the game. Do you know the difference between a sleeper and a handcuff? No? Then read on because learning the lingo is an important part of playing Fantasy Football. Table of Contents Auction Draft Bench Bye Week Cheat Sheet Collusion Commissioner Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Fractional Scoring Free

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