Auction draft mistakes

Auction Draft Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Even after 8 years of doing auction drafts, it’s still possible to make mistakes. And I made some in my league’s online auction last week. So to help me learn from them and to help you avoid them, I’m sharing my auction draft mistakes with you. This was my only auction draft of the season. It’s a competitive 14 team league and we switched to auction drafting eight years ago.

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Commissioner Mistake

Top 9 Fantasy Football Commissioner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A good fantasy football league starts with a good league commissioner. The commissioner’s actions help determine whether the season goes smoothly and if owners will want to rejoin next year. Those decisions can also affect how much time is required to manage the league. Any serious commissioner mistakes can hurt your league’s chances of success. Below is a list of the top mistakes commissioners make. Whether you’re a first time

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10 Things NOT To Do In Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Mistakes To Avoid Fantasy Football is a fun and addictive game. There are tons of guides to help you learn how to play and what you should do to win. But what are the most common mistakes players make? The things below are stuff you shouldn’t do when playing fantasy football. Consider them a list of fantasy football don’ts…what not to do if you want to win. These

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