Auction draft mistakes

Auction Draft Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Even after 8 years of doing auction drafts, it’s still possible to make mistakes. And I made some in my league’s online auction last week. So to help me learn from them and to help you avoid them, I’m sharing my auction draft mistakes with you. This was my only auction draft of the season. It’s a competitive 14 team league and we switched to auction drafting eight years ago.

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Auction Draft or Snake Draft – Which Is Better?

Auction vs. Snake Draft Fantasy draft day is the most important day of the fantasy football season. One of the biggest decisions your league commissioner will make is which draft format to use…auction or snake? Most of the major fantasy sites (Yahoo, ESPN, etc) now support online auction drafts. That makes it easier than ever for fantasy leagues to try auction drafts. Below we’ll cover the advantages of each draft

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Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tips and Strategy

Are You Ready For Your Fantasy Auction Draft? Auction drafts are different than the standard snake draft you’re probably used to. The action is faster, you have a shot at any available player and you need to manage a fantasy draft budget. Below you’ll find a quick overview of fantasy football auction draft strategy and tips to help you get the best value with your fantasy budget. While the focus

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