Make every yard count

The Advantages Of Fractional Points In Fantasy Football

One of the decisions your league’s commissioner has to make when setting up the league’s scoring system is whether to use fractional points or not. This is also called fractional scoring and it’s something that your league should consider using. What Are Fractional Points? Using fractional points awards your players partial fantasy points for every yard.  Even yardage less than the scoring threshold counts.  Most leagues award 1 fantasy point

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Review: NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge

At the end of last season a friend invited me to join his fantasy playoffs league. Playing fantasy football during the real playoffs sounded fun and I signed up right away. The league was hosted on the NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge site. This was my first time playing on an NFL owned fantasy site and here’s my review. What Is The NFL Fantasy Playoff Challenge? The game is simple. Choose

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How To Be A Fantasy Football League Commissioner

A Guide for the New Fantasy Commish Congratulations! You’ve either decided to start your own fantasy football league or your buddies nominated you to run a league when you weren’t around. Only problem is that you have no idea what a fantasy football commissioner does or how to run a league. Don’t worry, this guide will explain how to successfully run a fantasy football league. You’ll find plenty of tips

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